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For my Global Studies Capstone Project, I have researched the racial/economic disparities and mistrust within the healthcare field. I plan to shadow and interview physicians in the field.

For my research,  I used medical podcasts and movies. I also use articles and journals of individuals with first-hand experiences with healthcare inequity. I will also be reading Black Man in a White Coat by Damon Tweedy M.D. I plan to make a podcast or video presenting my findings.


Racial/economic disparities and mistrust within the healthcare field is a prominent issue in today's society. I look forward to seeing where this project takes me. 

I will also be conducting a two-week mentorship in February with a Black emergency doctor at Columbia University to learn about the current experiences that BIPOC doctors face. 

Thesis Statement: Global healthcare inequities and mistrust within the healthcare system primarily exist because society values material value over human life. 

Here is my research paper. 


Final Products

Right below this is one of my final products, which is a podcast that I made with my senior seminar mentor. We have a conversation about his pathway through medical school and residency and his overall experience. On the right is a infographic that explores data regarding healthcare inequalities in the United States.

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